Pittsworth is located in the Darling Downs region of Southern Queensland, Australia. When you live in Pittsworth you very quickly become apart of a warm, embracing community of passionate people.

The population of the Pittsworth township is about 3,000 whilst the four villages of Southbrook, Mount Tyson, Felton and Brookstead closeby have a population of around 200 each. The area services about 2,000 on top of that.

To live in Pittsworth is an eclectic quilt of amazing people and places all rolled into one. The main street of Pittsworth is a buzz every day of the week. Business people here are eager to serve and look after your every need.  They greet you at the door, ask if you need some assistance and bid you farewell on your leaving. If you are after something in particular and they don’t have it, they will tell you where you can get it locally or get it in for you. Nothing is a problem.

All the usual goods and services are there, with one exception. The “usuals” in Pittsworth are award winning. Yes, this is true. This includes the Butchers, Bakers, Hairdressers, Furniture and Gift Stores, Real Estate Agents, Pubs, Hardware Stores, Post Office and Eateries. These awards are for excellence in their fields and are industry recognised.

…Pittsworth people and business go the extra mile.

Pittsworth has 4 major Banks. Which is a good indication that the economy here is strong. There is an untapped wealth in the Pittsworth district that would embrace any new business, if you were thinking along that line, contact the Pittsworth District Alliance for helpful advice and service. People support local as much as they can, and would prefer in general to spend their money locally as to travel to larger centres.

The big players in local industry includes the likes of Moores Trailers, McLeans Farm, S&K Drilling while other niche industry’s include Porters Confectionery and Cooks soft drinks.

…Pittsworth is a great place to set up business.

The town has 3 schools. A State Primary School, St Stephens Catholic School and the State High School. The young people here are very involved in sports. Basketball, Swimming and Rugby League are very popular with strong supporting clubs. The skate park is a great meeting place for the pre-teens as well. The night life for teenagers is next to none. Friday nights is usually spent at the basketball stadium, supporting or playing for their teams. Teenagers do not walk the streets at night. Pittsworth has a very low crime rate and is very safe.

For young adults there is a great culture of friendship with BBQ’s, sporting clubs, such as Golf, Rugby League, Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Sporting cars and local gyms and fitness providers. Often there is entertainment at one or both of the local hotels.

There is a growing triathlon group and a bunch of fitness freaks as well. Any morning of the week you will see bike riders along the roads, rain, fog or shine.

…Pittsworth is a great place to raise your children.

Pittsworth adults are great connoisseurs of fine food.There is local fresh produce for sale roadside, as well as primary producers that sell from the farm gate. Some of the farmers produce available include honey, fresh bread, bathing milk, eggs, chickens, beef, vegetables and fruit, chutneys and jams, sauces and flavoured oils.

There are markets on the last Saturday morning of the month at the show grounds. Everything you can think of is there, including fresh produce, handcrafts, greeting cards and stationary, knitting, trash and treasure, kittens, books, hot food and great coffee. There is a growing coffee culture.

The Arty Crowd are catered for as well. There are an amazing number of clubs and groups, including the Fine Arts groups, Garden Club, Cooking and Book Clubs. There are many Artisans tucked away on lifestyle blocks surrounding Pittsworth like the  Chalala Micro Bakery, White Mischief fudges, Amazing Soaps, Qld Yoghurt, the Quail Farm as well a number of painters and potters.

…Pittsworth is a great place to experience fine foods and art.

Gardens are at their finest in Pittsworth. Every spring the town explodes into colour. Flowers in abundance down the main street and in every front yard. There is the Spring Festival and open gardens in September every year. The weather in Pittsworth in any one day is variable. In winter it can be as low as minus 5 frosts in the mornings to a beautiful sunny day of 15 degrees. In summer it can be as hot as 37 degrees, then be blowing a gale force wind that same afternoon. The thunderstorms in January are spectacular. Powerful lightning and cracking thunder across the valleys is normal. There is local flash flooding in creeks and gullies. The rain comes and goes within minutes and the sun shines through shortly after.

…Pittsworth is a great place to see mother nature at her best.

The people in Pittsworth are very friendly and accepting. The town and surrounds have grown in recent years with people of all backgrounds coming to settle. With the increase in population has come extra services, such as medical centres, dental services and care for older people. Larger retail stores have come as well as are on their way. Business is prosperous and primary producers are experiencing excellent seasons. The enthusiasm here is infectious.

…Pittsworth is a great place to live.